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Handy Living

Handy Living designs furniture with comfort and style in mind. Whether for a formal living room or casual family space, we offer a wide variety of chairs to keep you comfortable every day. Find the perfect accent for a formal living room or casual laid back comfort for the den.

340C-BAL30-117 A1.jpg
Arm Chairs

We’re all about choice—think hundreds of arm chair options in bold colors, patterns, shapes and styles. All you have to do is choose.

Chairs and Ottomans

Add relaxing comfort to a family room, or buttoned-up style to a formal living room or office—we offer versatility and a range of options.

340C-LTN19-087 B1 copy.jpg
Slipper Chairs

Why decorate with a slipper chair? As the jewelry of a room, a slipper chair is the perfect finishing touch for a space that needs a little something extra.

340CL-VBL17-284 C1.jpg
Chaise Lounges

We’ve updated the classic chaise lounge with a modern look for daily life. Choose from a variety of fabrics, upholstery options and designs to add formal sophistication or casual flair to any room.

340C-PPY95-137 A1 copy.jpg
Swivel Chairs

With a smooth motion and relaxing comfort, swivel chairs add versatility from any angle.  

Slipper Chairs
Chair & Ottomans
Arm Chairs
Swivel Chairs
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